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Order before June 5th to receive for Father's Day - FREE SHIPPING - when ordering 3 or more books - Fast Shipping From The USA
Order before June 5th to receive for Father's Day - FREE SHIPPING - when ordering 3 or more books - Fast Shipping From The USA

About Us - Our Mission

“Inspiring kids to read more”

About Us - Our Story

According to new data recently released by the National Assessment of Educational Progress, reading and language arts test scores among children are the lowest they've been in decades across the board. And though the pandemic did contribute to a sharp decline in more recent years, this downward trend had already been happening pre-COVID, leaving younger generations struggling to catch up.

Concerned with the reality of this crisis, Dads Brendon and Michael knew they had to do something to flip the script, to turn the page, and to open up a new chapter. And just like that, eureka! This daddy duo dreamt up the brilliant idea to create personalized children’s books that allow little readers to not just tag along with characters but rather lead the charge and be personally part of the narrative.

But it wasn’t until Brendon and Michael witnessed the wide-eyed wonder on their own kids’ faces that they knew they had discovered something truly special. Using their fingers to trace letters that spelled out their names and point out their likeness, their children were thrilled to feel included in the stories they were reading.

You see … StoryBug books aren’t only for teaching early learners how to read, spell and string together sentences. They’re about spreading joy, empowering the imagination and immersing children in make-believe realms where they themselves are the heroes, turning every "once upon a time" into a personal journey of discovery. Designed to foster deeper connections with both the child and the reader, boost self-esteem, increase confidence and plant the seeds of possibility, our custom made-to-order books build anticipation, capture hearts and encourage a love for reading that can last a lifetime.

Personalized not only with your child’s name but with his or her physical appearance too, StoryBug adventure books are digitally rendered using state-of-the-art patent-pending AI technology. Watch your child's eyes light up and their curiosity unfold as they hang on to every last word! Order your custom kid’s book NOW to inspire dreams and create memories that’ll stick around long after the final page is turned.

Our Vision
With StoryBug books, reading goes from a chore to a cherished pastime and part of everyday life. Inspired by the critical need to address the decline in literacy rates among children, we curate personalized page-turners that resonate with little ones at a personalized level. By incorporating their names and physical depiction into our stories, we’re empowering kids to step into worlds where they can be brave, kind, curious and entirely themselves.