Dinosaur Personalized Story Book

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A Personalized dinosaur childrens book with your child's name and custom features.  Your child becomes a cute dinosaur for the day.

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Product Specifications

  • Book Size: 8.5x11" landscape
  • Cover Options: Hard cover & soft cover available
  • Pages: 24 pages
  • Paper thickness: High quality 100% digital recycled paper

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"Awesome! My nieces and nephews were very impressed. Finding their name was just mind blowing to them."

- Lola W.

Fully Customized Kids Book

This personalized children's storybook about your child becoming a dinosaur for the day is fun and adventurous. Perfect for the dinosaur loving child where they get to dream and become a dinosaur dressed as their favorite dinosaur. Seeing their name in the story, on the cover, and sprinkled across the illustrations brings the story to life for your little one.

Kids love reading personalized story books!

It's always great to be a dinosaur, especially when the story is about you. This personalized adventure storybook for kids makes your child the star of the story turning into a fun and special dinosaur. The personalized storybook for kids makes special memories with a fun and engaging story line and beautifully illustrated graphics. Great gift idea for Aunty and Uncles for their nieces and nephews and of course parents & grandparents.

Makes the perfect keepsake book

This dinosaur personalized children's storybook takes your child on a great adventure. You can use the custom dinosaur for education, a feel-good story about your son or daughter, or a bedtime storybook. This personalized children's book is printed on premium recycled digital paper with 24 beautiful full-color pages featuring your child's name and illustrations. The binding and glossy finish is wipe-friendly and kid-friendly. You can personalize the book with your child's name and features like skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, eye color, and advanced options, including glasses, earrings, and freckles. The kid's storybook is available in softcover and hardcover.

What’s this book about?

Add your child's name and favorite color to create an epic personalized monster truck avatar. The book is a roaring read-aloud filled with giant wheels, high jumps, daring flips, and car-crunching fun.

The monster truck storybook offers a fast-paced adventure and lively illustrations of your child as a truck and racing all other monster trucks. 

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Inspire your child to be the very best they can be!

Our personalized monster truck book aims to teach its reader how being kind, caring and helpful makes them feel good inside. 

It shows that you don’t have to be the fastest or the best at something in order to feel proud! And that helping someone goes a long way…

Who would love this book?

The little monster storybook is the perfect birthday or Christmas gift for toddlers up to 6 years old who love the excitement of monster trucks. Turn storytime into adventure time with a storybook where the action never stops! Great gift idea for Aunty and Uncles for their nieces and nephews.

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Product specifications

Book Size: 8.5 inch x 11 inch landscape.

Cover Options: Hard cover & soft cover available.

Pages: 24 pages.

Paper thickness: High quality 100% digital recycled paper.

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  • Order shipped within 3 working days from USA.
  • Multiple shipping options available.
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